We like to DANCE!

The IndyGeek girls put Yo Gabba Gabba aside for a night, and tried our hands at Abba instead. With hits like Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen, we were ready for a night of disco, thanks to Ubisoft’s latest Wii dance game, ABBA You Can Dance.

And, why not go all out with the 70s theme?

After all, it was the 70s that brought us some of my favorite party foods—cocktail wieners, meatballs and fondue were big hits then and Friday night. I even tried my hand at my first carrot cake—a gluten free one to boot! No party is complete with out a signature cocktail.

We enjoyed the yummy Boogie Nights cocktail, in between dance numbers. Originally a Grinch cocktail, the Midori-centered drink fit right in with the bold colors & lights of the disco ball. Besides, as much fun as I have making a fool out of myself in front of my kids, it takes a little liquid courage to get me to dance in front of grownups.

Especially ones who have moves like Angie! She and her sister pretty much rocked it. Meanwhile, Michelle and I just struggled to stay away from the ceiling fan. And, Julie‘s girl showed us all up when she and my daughter took a turn while they waited for their snack delivery.

Then, we kicked their rocking butts back upstairs. We may have had a toy room full of kids, but the night was all about the moms. Music, fun, laughter—it was a welcome break in the midst of holiday chaos. With Ubisoft’s full line of dance games, I find myself taking that break a lot more often.

ABBA You Can Dance is their latest addition—and the most challenging yet! While the tunes are familiar, the moves are out of my comfort zone. I get a kick out of the mini-musical option. Pick a character, and dance your own show—if you can last that long! I tired out long before we made it through the first act.

But, I’ll be picking it up where I left off very soon. It’s too much fun to sit still for long…

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.


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